Student Ambassadors

From paper competitions to conferences, professionalization luncheons, and funding opportunities, the CSSR has a great deal to offer students and we want to make sure you hear about it! One Student Ambassador per year, per institution acts as local liaison between their home institution and the CSSR, ensuring that their student body is kept up-to-date on all academic, funding, and professionalization opportunities offered throughout the year.

If you don't see your institution represented on this year's list and you'd like to volunteer, please get in contact with the Graduate Student Member-At-Large, Chris Miller ( and get involved! If you want to be the SA for the next academic year, stay tuned for the call each September! Positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Call for Student Ambassadors
If your institution does not yet have an ambassador and you’d like to apply, see here for details.

Student Ambassadors 2021-2022
To be updated soon

Student Ambassadors 2020-2021

Currently, this is the most updated list of ambassadors:

Sonia Benchaib, University of Montreal
Morad Bkhait, University of Quebec Montreal
Chris Miller, University of Waterloo
Zaheeda Alibhai, University of Ottawa
Lindsay Mayhew, Laurentian University
Durga Kale, University of Calgary
Prasenjit Debnath, MUN
Heather Patrick, University of Manitoba
Holmes, Queen’s University
Paige Thombs, University of Victoria
Christina Pasqua, University of Toronto

We are looking for ambassadors from the following institutions:

Laurentian University
University of Alberta
Concordia University
McMaster University
University of British Columbia
York University

Student Ambassadors 2019-2020

University of Manitoba, Daniel Boswick
University of Montreal, Sonia Benchaib
University of Toronto, Sarina Annis
Queen’s University, Ashley Couture
Laurentian University, Julia Brousseau
University of Quebec Montreal, Morad Bkhait
University of Waterloo, Chris Miller
University of Alberta, Jessica Atamanenko
Concordia University, Olivia Schultz
University of Ottawa, Zaheeda Alibhai
McMaster University, Hasan Doagoo
University of British Columbia, Lara-Sophie Boleslawsky
York University, Philip Oddi

Student Ambassadors 2018-2019

McMaster University, Hasan Doagoo
Dalhousie University, Ata Zargarpour
University of Ottawa, Keelin Pringnitz
University of Toronto, Molly Mignault
University of Calgary, Laura Jurgens
Memorial University, Mehmet Ali Basak
University of Lethbridge, Rutika Gandhi
University of Waterloo, Chris Miller
University of British Columbia, Lindsay Fraughton
Bishop’s University, Michelle Huot
Concordia University, Lucas Cober
University of Alberta, Diane Fereig
University of Saskatchewan, Tanya Brittain
University of Regina, Connor Thompson
Wilfred Laurier University, Sahver Kuzucuoglu
York University, Elham Shahsavar Zadeh

Student Ambassadors 2016-2017

McMaster University, Miriam DeCock
Dalhousie University, Kirsten Clarke
McGill University, Ali Smears
University of Saskatchewan, Tanya Brittain
Queen's University, Hasan Doagoo
Concordia University, Lindsey Jackson
University of Ottawa, Loïc Druenne
University of Regina, Connor Thompson
University of Toronto, Vincent Calabrese
York University, Kimberly Waite
University of Alberta, Diane Fereig
Bishop's University, Brenna Filion
L'Université Laval, Christian Herve Elisha