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Table of Contents - Body and Religion (Issue 2.2, 2018)

Body and Religion
Issue 2.2 (2018)
Table of Contents

Editorial-open access
Graham Harvey

Wafting incense and heavenly foods: the importance of smell in Chinese religion
Shawn Arthur

Candomblé’s eating myths: religion stated in food language
Patricia Rodrigues de Souza

‘Seeing’ my Beloved: Darśan and the Sikhi perspective
Opinderjit Kaur Takhar

Table of Contents - Religions of South Asia (Issue 12.1, 2018)

Religions of South Asia
Issue 12.1 (2018)
Table of contents

Simon Brodbeck , Dermot Killingley , Anna S. King

Contemplating the Buddha in the Jātakas
Eviatar Shulman

The ‘Inexhaustibility’ of Jalaram Bapa: Narrative, Presence and Social Service in the Hindu Diaspora
Martin Wood

Health and Popular Psychology: Ayurveda in the Western Holistic Health Sector
Maya Warrier

Table of Contents - Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture (Issue 12.3, 2018)

Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture

Issue 12.3 (2018) Table of Contents

Special Issue: The Sacred Tree


Editors’ Introduction
Lucas F. Johnston, Joseph D. Witt

Special Feature Introduction: The Sacred Tree
Carole M. Cusack

Adorning and Adoring: The Sacred Trees of India
Louise Fowler-Smith

"Jews: Nearly Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid to Ask" (by Peter Cave) - New book and discount code from Equinox Publishers

Available to pre-order now, publishing 30 November:



Nearly Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid to Ask

Peter Cave, The Open University and New York University, and Dan Cohn-Sherbok, University of Wales and Rabbi

PB 9781781797778 US$32

e-PDF 9781781797785 US$32

318pp, 23 colour drawings by Dan Cohn-Sherbok

Quote the code RELIGION for 25% off here:

Inaugural issue of the Journal of Dharma Studies is available

(1) the inaugural issue of the Journal of Dharma Studies is ready to view at:

(2) for the first four issues, articles will be Open Access (free for online viewing) as well as in print.

(3) all articles of the earlier iteration of the journal (International Journal of Dharma Studies) are permanently online at:

"The Bible for the Curious: A Brief Encounter" (Philip R. Davies) - New publication and discount code from Equinox Publishers

Equinox is delighted to announce the publication of


The Bible for the Curious

A Brief Encounter

Philip R. Davies

HB 9781781797433 US$85

PB 9781781797440 US$32

e-PDF 9781781797457 Individual: US$32 Institutional: US$700


6 illustrations, 11 maps and charts

To view more information about the book and to order quoting the code Bible for 25% off visit:

Table of Contents - Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology (Issue 2.2, 2018)

Interreligious Studies
and Intercultural Theology
Issue 2.2 (2018) Table of Contents


Editorial-open access
Editor’s Foreword
Nelly van Doorn-Harder

Why We Need an Engaged Interreligious Theology
Perry Schmidt-Leukel

Is Political and Intercultural Theology Real Theology, and Why Should Anyone Care?
Joerg Rieger

Table of Contents - Special Issue on Spiritual Tourism, Fieldwork in Religion (Issue 13.1, 2018)

Fieldwork in Religion
Issue 13.1 (2018) table of contents


Special Issue
Spiritual Tourism
Guest Editor
Alex Norman

EDITORIAL-open access
Guest Editor’s Introduction: Spiritual Tourism
Alex Norman

Performance, Landscape, and Shamanism in Werner Herzog’s Of Walking in Ice
Giselle Bader

"Reframing Authority: The Role of Media and Materiality" - Pre-publication discount offer from Equinox Publishers

Equinox is pleased to announce a pre-publication offer for:


Reframing Authority

The Role of Media and Materiality

Edited by Laura Feldt and Christian Høgel, both at the University of Southern Denmark

Published: 12 November 2018

264pp, 12 figures, black and white and colour

HB 9781781796788 US$100

PB 9781781796795 US$32

"Being Viking: Heathenism in Contemporary America" and "Sensing Sacred Texts" - Two new books and discount code from Equinox Publishers

Being Viking: Heathenism in Contemporary America

Jefferson F. Calico, University of the Cumberlands

Series: Contemporary and Historical Paganism

526pp, 38 figures
HB US$115
PB US$45
E-PDF Individuals: US$45 Institutions: US$115

It is delightful to read a book on a new religious movement (with ancient roots) that is so well written, well informed both with regard to present and historical contexts, benevolent and (apparently) comprehensive.
Ronald Hutton, Professor of History, University of Bristol


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